Domestic Feed

Dahuti offer domestically produced feed grain such as maize, wheat, barley, peas and other local grains. As their marketing agent, we work closely with Brownrigg Agriculture, one of the largest farming agribusinesses in New Zealand, to supply only the best stock-feeds to farmers throughout New Zealand and Australasia.

Brownrigg Agriculture’s Hawke’s Bay grown maize grain is widely recognised as the best quality in New Zealand. Through Brownrigg we offer year round whole grain maize, crushed maize, or blends with other stock-feeds as required.


Imported Feed

Dahuti provides accurate pricing for imported feeds delivered directly to your silo door, eliminating potentially costly surprises from shipping, wharf and MPI fees. We are also the leading New Zealand importer of tapioca pellets, an especially high-in-starch stock-feed that provides Metabolisable Energy (ME). Tapioca is ideal for milk-producing ruminants as the starch is highly digestible, providing unparalleled energy levels.

At Dahuti we are experienced in importing whole grains into the New Zealand market. We are well versed in the requirements of the MPI GIS (Grain Import System) and are able to offer sound advice for customers on the particular requirements for their farm.

We also source, import and supply rice, sugar beet pellets, bespoke grain pellet blends and many other grain and cereal feeds as required.


Organic Feed

Dahuti is the leading organic feed importer in New Zealand. We import soya bean meal to both NOP and EU specifications. Soya bean meal, a co-product of the soya bean oil extraction process, has high levels of by-pass protein and fantastic energy levels.

Dahuti source product with the National Organic Program (NOP), USDA Certification and Indian Certification (NPOP). We stock and supply 1MT organic soya bean meal bags and can supply full containers on order.

We also stock organic maize, wheat and barley as stock-feed throughout New Zealand and Australasia.

Organic Soya Bean Meal